Gossip Optimization Part 2: Breaking the Hub — Factomize

Introducing CAT: Cyclic Auto Truncate

  1. If the node has fewer than S connections, connect to the seed nodes.
  2. If the node has fewer than C connections, reach out to a random peer and ask for a share. They reply with 2 of their random connections. Repeat until the node has C connections.
  3. At the start of a new round, drop random connections until there are C - 2 left.



Example 1: T=32, C=8, S=4, L=0, 16 Rounds

Hub Network. Red = Seed Node
Same network using CAT.

Example 2: T=150, C=16, S=10, L=32, 16 Rounds

Hub Network
CAT Network


Effect of Limited Nodes

150 nodes, 10 seeds

Eclipse Attacks

Method one

Method two

Method three:

Method four:






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