Factom TPS Report — Factomize

  • Is my P2P2 library an improvement over the old library?
  • Does it make sense to make it more efficient if the limiting factor is the network?
  • much EPS/TPS can Factom theoretically handle?


  • Host: A high-end Ryzen 3700x rig used as the machine to create traffic on the network
  • NUC1 & NUC2: Two similar NUCs with i3–7100Us
  • PI2 & PI4: Two Raspberry PI 4’s with 2GB RAM and 4GB RAM respectively


  • EPS: Entries per second, where an entry is “a factoid transaction, new chain, or entry”.
  • TPS: Transactions per second, where a transaction is defined as “an entry in the processlist”.
  • MPS: Messages per second, where a message is defined as a message sent on the network. This also includes “duplicate messages” and P2P library messages.
  • If the message arrives is a duplicate, ignore it
  • If it’s a broadcast message (ACK, EOM/DBSig, Heartbeat, Commit, Reveal, Factoid Transaction), send a copy to peers
  • If it’s a missing message or dbstate request, send a response to that peer only


EPS by Protocol


Message Rate

EPS by Machine






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