Demystifying Factom Management — Factomize


  • AddServerMessage: The tool to manage the authority set. You need the private skeleton key in order to use it.
  • ServerIdentity: The tool that ANOs use to create, register, and manage their server identities.
  • Sign With Ed25519: A helper utility to sign arbitrary data with a key
  • FER Entry Creator: The tool to adjust the EC rate

Configuring a Node/Network

  1. The server operator has to create and register a valid identity
  2. The block the identity is in is completed
  3. Using the “addservermessage” tool, you type “addservermessage -host=<address of a factom node> send a <identity chain id of the server to be promoted> <network skeleton key>”
  1. Make sure the factoid exchange rate chain exists (111111118d918a8be684e0dac725493a75862ef96d2d3f43f84b26969329bf03)
  2. Configure the utility and specify the private key counterpart to “ExchangeRateAuthorityPublicKey” and an EC private key
  3. Run the tool
  • Expiration Height: the height the entry becomes invalid if it was never activated
  • Activation Height: the height the price activates (needs to be +/- 6 blocks of expiration height and cannot be more than 12 blocks ahead)
  • Priority: The default priority after a price activates is 0, so this is typically always 1. If you mess up, you can use a higher priority to override a pending change
  • Factoshi per EC: the EC rate
  • Private key: 4bded4f3620f6c598d710c0f97b4d83c9743d6a4ac28d24612d6c9d1dc6d06ab
  • Public key: a997bdaf2a8519fdc227ae8084afe77f24402275f6e3fc9a48ce0bf3760a4f75
  • Bootstrap Identity: 8888881111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111


  • MainNet: 8888882690706d0d45d49538e64e7c76571d9a9b331256b5b69d9fd2d7f1f14a
  • All Custom Networks: 88888816d408cd0d7b1b28760f3371a40e98dc2e985c28410e781935954afdf3





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